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 Interview Flick & Don

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PostSubject: Interview Flick & Don   Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:58 pm

New interview of BR in here + in bulletrideband.de!

Check this new BR page out: http://bulletrideband.de/ !
The sites are in English & Germany.
You can find this interview, a lot of pics etc. in there also.
Niina for finnbands.com in interview wih Flick & Don of Bullet Ride:

finnbands: Many people in Germany don't know you, so please introduce yourselves! What kind of music do you do and so on!

Bullet Ride: We are Bullet Ride. Band hailing from Tampere, Finland. Our influences are from pretty wide scale. Lot comes from the early 90's Seattle bands such as Pearl Jam, Soungarden, Alice In Chains and of course, Nirvana. Then Led Zeppelin and The Beatles are huge influences. Without forgetting Black Sabbath and friends. A lot of dirt and a lot more cock rather than tight leather pants with cucumber in the leg.

finnbands: What is so special in your music and what do you think is the difference to bands that may sound similar?
Bullet Ride: We think that there are certain "that something" in our lyrics and, and those are a big part of our music. With the fact that both of our guitarists sing backing vocals (and Don also in unplugged gigs). Then there is the honest rock n' roll - hell going on at our gigs, and in our opinion we make this dirt-part of our music sound a bit more sensible than many modern rock band.

finnbands: Why did you start this band? Due to a special reason or just for fun?
Bullet Ride: First of all just 'cause of the pure joy of playing rock and urgent need to say something to the whole world. Of course it's fun too. Pretty common theme in some "dirt-rock" band's lyrics is this "we hate fuckin' everything"-concept, but we leave it to someone else who think that it's their job to spread misanthropic message to the world instead of just rocking the fucking hell out and making people happy with the music.

finnbands: About the name "Bullet Ride ":
who had the idea?
Bullet Ride: All the members had dozens of ideas. Then Angie and Don came along with the idea of Bullet Ride. It appeared that also Laz had had the same idea which was pretty fucking strange! Flick liked it, so vóila - the name was invented.

It means that someone has a hell of a ride with something - hopefully with our music. But itīs just a name like Pink Floyd for example.

finnbands: Coming to the roles in the band:
who does the song writing?
is there something like a boss in the band? Someone who makes the decisions?
Bullet Ride: Maybe we could say that Flick is the musical leader and Don "Godfather" who takes care of a lot of things but the truth is that everybody is involved. For example the song writing so far. Flick brings on a riff or two + some singing melodies. Then we just jam the song together until it is ready. Sometimes it takes about five minutes when everything sort of go with the flow but sometimes it naturally takes more time. For example "Shadows of Your Sun" was not "a piece of cake".

Decisions about the band are always made together.
finnbands: How did you get to know each other?
Bullet Ride: Laz and Angie had a former band together. They were creating a new one when Laz & Don met in the bar (suprisingly Wink. Laz managed to blow the rock star spark back to Donīs mind. At that time Mr. Donnervogel was deep down in the "humppa / cover rock hell" ("schlager hellvete" or something) and didnīt have a seriously taking rock group. Don asked Flick aboard because back in the days they had played one session gig together where they liked each others attitude and style of playing.

After that everything went smoothly and for example "Best I Can", "One of A Kind" and "Wavering & Violent" were made in our first trainings together. Maybe that tells something about the potential of BR...

finnbands: What is the situation right now with the record labels?
Bullet Ride: We are negotiating about the deal all the time. There have been pretty many interested labels (both indie & major) and some manager candidates but let's see. These kind of things always takes a lot of time.

We are still going to send our promo kit also to other countries because one of our main interests is to play abroad as soon as possible! Anyway. You can expect a damn good debut album when the time is right!

finnbands: When and where will the CD be out?
Bullet Ride: Letīs see.. stay tuned and join our blog in MySpace and you will be the first to know outside the BR Crew.

finnbands: You play gigs in Tampere every now and then and more and more out of Tampere. I heard some rumours about Germany Smile . We won't talk about rumours now but if it will happen, are you excited?
Bullet Ride: Of course! It would be a dream come true!

finnbands: If you could wish to go on tour with a special band, which band would that be?
Bullet Ride: Led Zeppelin re-union with Jason Bonham on drums.

finnbands: When you think about your first concert: what did you feel while being on stage finally? And how did you spent the last minutes before? Cool or nervous?
Bullet Ride: Henryīs Pub 8.2.2006 - We were just fucking around in the backstage and being pretty cool as I remember. Of course there are always some butterflies in the belly - otherwise something would be wrong.

The feeling in the stage when the butterflies leaves and everything goes well is as good as sex or powder snowboarding!

finnbands: Is there any other musician on earth you would like to co-operate with?
Bullet Ride: Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Josh Homme and maybe RHCP guys for example.

finnbands: If you would have a wish for free, what would it be?
Bullet Ride: To be happy with our lives and play as much as we can.

finnbands: The usual question: please describe your band members.
Bullet Ride: Angie: Crazy.. looks great with Gibson Les Paul. "Pirlo"
Laz: Mr. Niceguy. Gatherer of the training sessions. Calm & honest. "Laa Laa"
Flick: Melancholic and unbelievable talented weirdo. Lennon meets Zappa. "Flickkenstein"
Don: Plays with the feeling.. Both, Godfather and él Bastardo. "DonnervogeL"

Rakkaalla lapsella on monta nimeä ( "the beloved child has many names" Wink

finnbands: A fan question to Don: Can you count and name all the bands you were in before?
Bullet Ride: Now the only real bands are Bullet Ride and Heartbreakers but there have been pretty many groups earlier:

01. Essentia
02. Sarastus
03. Lovex
04. Beauty
05. She
06. TNT
07. Sir Goatskin
08. Maximus (there were only four drummers playing marvellous tribal shit without any shirts Wink
09. The Rollers
10. Crackle Pop
11. Ruhtinaskunta (I played the gigs where CMX drummer Tuomas Peippo wasnīt able to play.. heīs a great guy!)

So total amount of my past and present bands is 13 which is also my lucky number Wink Theon, the singer of Lovex, has been in six of those bands.

finnbands: Anything left to say?
Bullet Ride: Love & respect to all the people who have helped us! See you all in the gigs!

Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview Flick & Don   Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:32 pm

Wow ! That is an interview lol Laughing
I'll read later cause it's long and I don't have the time now Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Interview Flick & Don   Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:52 pm

Hey!! Great interview!!! Thanks Niina and thanks Cel for having pit it here!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview Flick & Don   Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:19 pm

haha, it's interesting where ever I can find my interview Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Interview Flick & Don   Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:51 pm

You did a good job really!! Thanks

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PostSubject: Re: Interview Flick & Don   Sat Dec 02, 2006 12:02 am

Thank you so much of that work. Excellent job indeed and I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Interview Flick & Don   

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Interview Flick & Don
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