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 Stupid People

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PostSubject: Stupid People   Mon Oct 30, 2006 11:49 am

Stupid People
Lyrics by Flick

Maybe I could try by being all the things you are
Maybe I could lie I am for sale like world so far
If it's like that then maybe I don't want to be part
of anything surrounding me like life, this piece of art

Cubism looks funny and I see your laughing face
All the things are right there but the parts are in wrong place
It's so insane I'm not surprised some people want to die, then you say:
"Your story is so touching but it sounds just like a lie"

Your trophy for nothing

Temporary substance for goo feelings not to come
Your thoughts are running in your head, I beg I sould have some
Happiness and wisdom were in war since my first breath
Choosing side would be a shame, I dream myself to death

Your trophy for nothing
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Stupid People
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