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PostSubject: Rules   Sun Oct 29, 2006 2:02 pm

1. Posts
Try to avoid double-posting and see it to that you post your messages in the correct thread. Posts with pornographic, racist or insulting contents will be immediately deleted. If someone offends repeatedly he/she will be banned.
Try to avoid posts which just include smilies or just have 2-3 words. Don't post things which were already said. What matters is the quality not the number of your posts.

2. Signatures & Avatars
Please, don't put oversized pictures in your signature. That's just for the forum's readability.

3. Pictures
I don't mind if you share (your) pictures, but just link them (don't use the [img]-tag). Else the page needs to much time for loading. There are still some people using a modem.

4. Song Sharing
Don't upload songs, which are still available on album or single. Feel free to share livesongs.

5. Writing
Please don't write in "texto style" and try to avoid mistakes and bad words!

6. Topic
If you want posting a new topic, check for the right place and check if one doesn't already exists.

Otherwise, your so much welcome!

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